Why This...

Why not...?!


I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. I keep hearing about it…over, and Over, And OVER. And every single bit of it is true:
Other People Are Doing All The Wrong Things.

Thank goodness you and I aren’t. That’s what’s making us so damn tired, right? At least we can rest easy, knowing that, if we wanted to, we could Save The World – because, well…we know everything!

But…every single person alive today is responsible for tomorrow…and not one single person alive today is 100% committed to it.

None of us.

But…we know everything!! And it’s all been said – by so many Great Ones…Gandhi (“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”)…Einstein (“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”)…Social Media (“What R U, STOOPID?!”).

Columbo (“Just One More Thing…”):

…there may be something missing in what ‘we know’.

It just may be, that the things here…on this site…are something new. Not anything you haven’t heard before…but something you weren’t aware of:

Big Oil isn’t something other than us. It is composed of People. ‘Them’, those ‘Corporations’…those ‘Countries’…are filled with PEOPLE. Just like you and me…

And All of US…people….we know everything.

Here’s that New Thought: There’s only ONE conclusion to draw, about all of us, all of our knowledge:

Thinking isn’t The Answer.

Try this instead:
1. Acknowledge the fact that we are not alone
2. Take the Dead Baby Test (Hint: you'll fail...we all do)
3. So...Find Your Answer
4. Then Do That
5. Over and Over And OVER again

Things will then be different. Everywhere. In everything we do.  Remember: You don’t get fat eating one sweet. And you don’t get thin for someone else.

None of us - Not a Single One Of Us - has the right to kill our children. Change.

When YOU do that...Everyone, Everything, Every Day will be different.
Make that difference Clean.

Please and Thank You!

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